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Had agents trying hard to sell this and would not show and plan benefits. They talk very well, they are sales men after all.

But things they said didn't add up so started researching their statement and the law for insurance that meet the MEC (Minimum Essential Coverage). And this does not. You will be required to pay 2.5% of your income as a penalty. "They excused this by saying that you didn't have to check the box for insurance and could leave it blank".

But this was only for 2016 and not it's not necessarily going to happen for the 2018 tax year. Even if it did they cover nothing figuratively speaking. Not even a fraction. And soooooooo many things are excluded.

A agent accidently left a packet of info "For Agent Use Only". Read carefully, you will be in for a rude awakening at the end of the tax year and worse if you need Dr or hospital care or even prescriptions.

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I had the opposite experience. My agent was very forthcoming and answered all my questions and e-mailed me all the info along with his license!

If you are not happy with the agent you are speaking with, ask for a different one. I am saving a boatload of money!

Dropped BCBS and am so happy with the PPO I have now. Do your research.

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